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Khanh Hoa lies along the coastline of South Central Vietnam. The province is adjacent to Phu Yen province on the north, DakLak and Lam Dong provinces on the west, and Ninh Thuan province on the south.
Khanh Hoa boasts a long and spanning coastline of 200km, with the deepest sea level compared to other coastal regions of Vietnam. Being home to more than 200 islands of various sizes, Khanh Hoa Sea is the connecting point of many international marine routes. Khanh Hoa is widely-known by both domestic and foreign tourists for its beautiful natural landscape featured with stunning Bays of Cam Ranh, Van Phong and Nha Trang.
Khanh Hoa is characterized by a highly tropical climate condition with warm weather all year round. That’s a favorable condition to develop tourism in Khanh Hoa with year-long activities.
The province’s population is made up of many enthic groups, among which, Kinh people takes up the majority. Besides, there are many other ethnic minority groups such as Ra Giai, Tay, Nung, Muong and Cham people. Cham people possess the most prominent culture which distinguishes Khanh Hoa from other provinces.
Khanh Hoa’s natural and cultural potentials have been realized and developed in the last few decades, making it a famous tourist destination. As mentioned above, the province has three fascinating bays, of which, Nha Trang Bay is ranked as the 29th most captivating bay all over the world.

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