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Bidoup Nui Ba National Park Travel Guide

Bidoup Nui Ba National Park is located in administrative part of Lac Duong District and a part of Dam Rong District, Lam DongProvince, and it is about 50km from Dalat City and to the Provincial Route 723, located in the extended space of Dalat when City was upgraded into centrally city.
Park resource is rich in biodiversity, natural landscape with many beautiful waterfalls, which are eligible for ecotourism operators. There is a plan of eco-tourism center and environmental education to create a legal basis for investment cooperation with other organizations and individuals in the field of tourism development ecological and environmental education.
The value of biodiversity: National Park Bidoup – Nui Ba is one of the twenty-eight national parks in the system of special-use forests in Vietnam. Bidoup – Nui Ba is under the administrative boundaries of Lac Duong District, Lam DongProvince that occupies almost the entire Langbiang plateau (also called Lam Vien Plateau). The scientists rated it as one of 221 centers of endemic birds of the world and are one of four centers of biodiversity of Vietnam (Area of ​​Hoang Lien Son Mountain in the northern, mountainous areas Ngoc Linh in the central region, rainforest areas in North Central and Lam Vien Plateau in the south). The conservation Truong Son Mountains ecosystem program, Bidoup – Nui Ba is determined in the main mountain range of southern Truong Son and the priority areas of conservation (SA3 area). With 91% of 64,800 ha of National Park Bidoup – Nui Ba are forests and forest land in which mainly primeval forest with many different plant and animal species. There are 1468 species of plants present in the National Park Bidoup – Nui Ba. Among them: 62 rare species distributed in 29 different plant families, are in level assessment of the level of the rare Vietnam Red Book 2000, Decree No. 48/2000/ND-CP dated 22/04 / 2003 of the Government and the Association of International Nature Conservation (IUCN) as red pine (Taxus wallichiana), Calocedrus macrolepis, Fokienia hodginsii, dalatensis Pinus, Pinus krempfii. In terms of narrow endemic, they have listed 91 species of narrow distribution in Lam Dongand the surrounding area. There are 28 species of Latin standard samples including 9 species dalatensis, langbianensis 14 species, 5 species bidoupensis, 52 animals species (25% of total species in area) were recorded in the list of rare animals. Bidoup Nui Ba National Park is also rated as the kingdom of wild orchids in Vietnam with over 250 species.

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