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Chu Yang Sin National Park Travel Guide

Located in the territory Lak and Krong Bong districts of Dak Lak, and 60 km to the east of Buon Ma Thuot City, Chu Yang Sin National Park is regarded as sightseeing, ecotourism attraction that is not inferior to York Don National Park. This is a high mountain area, where the focus of many headwater streams, large and small rivers in the province of Dak Lak.
The north of the park is the K Ea ‘Tuor stream which flows from north to south then flocks to Krong Kno River. Krong kno River pours water to Srepok River then flows into Cambodia. Center of National Park is Mount Chu Yang Sin of 2.442m high, the highest peak of the mountain system of southern Truong Son.
Chu Yang Sin National Park was established in July 2002, there is a natural area of ​​58,947 ha, and with the main task is to protect the forest ecosystem, conservation of rare animals and plants. It was initially discovered 867 species of plants at the park. Forest at elevations below 800 m is semi-evergreen forest with typical trees in the villages like guava crape myrtle. Evergreen forest is at lower elevation with the dominant species such as Black Star deer, the otter oil, and spindle oil. Evergreen forest at elevations above 800 m have the kind of trees like camphor, the conifers like pine Dalat, two flat sheet pine, and po-mu. On the high mountain peaks, do appeare the species of forest including south central bamboo, oval leaf bamboo. Coniferous forest dominated by the common three-leaf with an area of ​​10,600 ha. A considerable part of the National Park is a bamboo forest with the special kind of bamboo lo o, le. Some rare species like perfume wood, frankincense, blue cypress. Some  of the families keep important roles as dipterocarp, crape  myrtle, magnolia, teak, cashew, chestnut, tropical almond, indigo … Among the plant species found, there are over 300 species can be used in medicine in varying degrees. The number of medicinal plants often focuses in the families of mums, araliaceous bark, mint, coffee, bean, etc.
Chu Yang Sin National Park is located in endemic bird areas of Dalat plateau. Having found eight species of birds including red head chickens, black heads Chinese laughing-thrush, gray cheeks black laughing-thrush, black laughing-thrush, long beak laughing-thrush, yellow throat sparrow. Notably Ba Mountain nightingale specie, the endemic bird of the highlands of Dalat, which was almost extinct.
A total of 203 birds and 46 mammals have been recorded in the National Park. Most importantly, the animals should be preserved in the National Park is black leg langurs and grey red cheek gibbons.
Chu Yang Sin National Park has an important role in protecting the watershed upstream of river systems and forest areas adjacent to Srepok River in Lam Dong province.
Chu Yang Sin is the romantic landscape of wild forest and temperate, sub-tropical, and very impressive waterfalls and whirlpools. Hopefully in the future, Chu Yang Sin National Park will be an address of ecotourism, adventure tourism and sports tourism attractions in the province of Dak Lak.

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