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Vu Quang National Park Travel Guide

Vu Quang National Park (formerly known as the Vu Quang Nature Reserve) is located in Huong Son district (Ha Tinh). It has an average elevation of 800 meters above the sea level, being in the area of tropical monsoon climate with the annual average temperature of 23 degree Celsius and the precipitation of 2304.5mm.

Vu Quang is located in the important part of Truong Son range, alternating between Pu Mat National Parkin the north and Phong Nha – Ke Bang national parkin the South. According to the survey of domestic and international experts, Vu Quang National Park has 76% of area is natural forest with two main types: evergreen subtropical forests account for 20% with the two main plants is PoMu and Yellow eucalyptus, the evergreen tropical forests with the higher plants such as iron wood, barian kingwood, textured wood, etc. and many precious herbs. Animals here are plentiful, according to the statistics, there are 60 species of mammals, 187 birds, 38 reptiles, 26 amphibians and 56 species of fish; of which there are 26 species of mammals, 10 species of birds, 16 species of cattle are rare and need to be protected. In addition, Vu Quang National Park also has 36 endemic subspecies of the North Truong Son forest like brown monkey langurs, Ha Tinhlangur, golden cheeks gibbon, etc. In particular, there are two large mammals are discovered which are sao la (wild goat) (1992), and large cobra (1993).

By high biological diversity and the discovering of the two new mammals, Vu Quang has become an address of potential ecotourism. Here, visitors can make the risky trip, exploring the mystery of the forests or participate in the sports tours to the fall of Vu Mon according to the legend of the carp turning to dragon, etc.

Vu Quang is not only the nature reserve but also the historical marking place for the heroic Can Vuong uprising against the French by Phan Dinh Phung in the late 19th century. More than a century has passed, the Vu Quang National Park are still traced with the heroes marks, which are like waiting for the visitors to be explored…

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