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Xuan Thuy National Park Travel Guide

Giao Thuy District is the ideal location to observe a submerged land environment. This area between Lu (Con Lu) and Ngan (Con Ngan) Islets at the mouth of the Red River is the product of a millennial alluvial process. Viet Nam has chosen Con Lu-Con Ngan to be inscribed on the list of international ecological zones to the protected and preserved and this has become Xuan Thuy Ramsar Reserve. The alluvial plain of Con Lu-Con Ngan has also been chosen by the Vietnamese Government to be included on the list of the National Natural Conservancy Zones. Recently, Xuan Thuy Ramsar Reserve has been became National Park. The park covers an area of 15,000ha of which 7,100ha to be strictly preservation. Forest covers about 90% of the 7,100ha site, which comprises 4,000ha of wetland, home to a rich fauna and flora system embracing 57 breeds and 111 known species of water plants.

Xuan Thuy National Park is known for its many bird varieties. There are 215 species including 160 types of migrating birds and 50 types of water birds, according to the latest survey carried out by International Bird Life. Nine of these species, including the black-faced spoonbill and the northern white egret, are listed in the world’s Red Book of rare animals. The black-faced spoonbills found in the reserve account for one fifth of the bird’s world community.

Benthos is also plentiful in Xuan Thuy Ramsar. Fish, shrimps and crabs provide the main income of the local community.

From November to April, it is a meeting place for tens of thousands of birds migrating from the north.

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